Early Morning Sunrise in the City

Early morning sunrise with filter jan 14

Almost worth getting up early for! Have a lovely day xx


Beautiful Butterfly Quilt

I have finished my second commissioned quilt and I love it. I think the colours work well together. It is for a baby girl, and I was asked not to make it too “pink”. I found this a bit of a challenge but I think I pulled it off.




and here is the backing, it is a lovely liberty-like pattern which is my new favourite backing material. Ooooh and the first ever view of my new labels!


And finally all tied up and ready for delivery….



I am still getting to grips with how different it is making something for someone else – choices are much more difficult, but I felt more relaxed making this one than my first commission. I love the feeling of finishing a project, it means I can get on with the next one…….

As it is Monday I am linking in with Handmade Harbour’s Handmade Monday, why don’t you too?

Emily Peacock Tapestry – Kiss

I have enjoyed the Olympics, which is a surprise as I am the most unsporty person you could ever meet. I am settling down to watch the closing ceremony, but I am not that good at sitting without doing, if you know what I mean? So I thought I would get out my own endurance test, my Emily Peacock Tapestry. It was a much wanted Christmas gift which I have neglected of late. It is lovely, but much more of a mental challenge than I thought it would be. Anyway, I got a nice surprise when I dug it out…….


….. I have completed a whole “s”! I do love it – the colours, the font, the fairground-like design. Just another million stitches to go right? Just one stitch at a time……

My Slightly Wonky Cushion Part 2


I have had a few requests for tutorials for my Slightly Wonky Cushion I didn’t follow one particular tutorial as I have been studying circular pouf’s (sp? You know the things you can put your feet/tea/book on?) for a while. Sew Smug links to an excellent tutorial on constructing this type of cushion, and I am pretty sure Making Magazine had a similar tutorial last month.

So I have been formulating this idea for a while and thought I would have a go at a smaller version first…

I fashioned my cushion by drawing around a big plate, folding into quarters, then thirds to give one segment. Then added a seam allowance either side. This provided the template for my cushion top. I used a piece of string around the edge to get the length needed for a strip of fabric for the edge. And then cut a bottom circle to match the top. I then sewed it all together, stuffed using the innards from a cheap pillow and closed it with a few slip stitches. A hand covered button through the centre finished it off.

If you have a go at this I would advise not making the strip of fabric too wide, it is difficult to get the button through the centre, something I didn’t anticipate. And remember, my cushion is wonky, following a proper tutorial might yield a more even cushion!


My Slightly Wonky Circular Cushion




Here is my first attempt at a circular cushion. It is a bit wonky and the button needs to be bigger but I do like it. It is quite thick, like a hands width, which made sewing the button through both sides a little tricky. I tried it without pulling the button taut but it didn’t look right, that little dimple makes all the difference! I eventually managed to get through to the other side with an extra long needle and a lot of squashing, swearing and pricking of fingers. I think it was worth it but not sure I will use a button next time, maybe a circle of fabric stitched on instead?

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A Four-Patch Baby Quilt

I was asked to make a baby quilt to be given away as a gift.  Of course I said yes, and then was completely terrified.  To make something for someone else is a very different feeling and process.  There were so many choices that normally I would just get on with without really putting too much thought into…I have this material in my stash so I will use it……if I want shocking pink and orange together thats ok……..a bit wonky but I like it…….you get the idea?  But a commission is different.  I think I over thought it for a while and got a bit scared of it, I couldn’t help wondering if they would they hate it?  Material was selected, and luckily I didn’t have to make that choice or I may still be in the shop now!  And then to the design.  Do what ever will look nice they said.  Oh the possibilities.  I deliberated for a long time.  I nearly went super complicated but in the end my rational side kicked in and I chose a simple four -patch with a border.  I think it looks lovely and the person who I made it for does too.  But the test will be today when she delivered it to its new owner this afternoon.  If someone gave me a similar gift I would be over the moon, lets hope they are too.

Magic Healing Muffins?

It’s been a busy few weeks. We have been on holiday to Mablethorpe, (east coast, UK) and had a lovely few days doing holiday stuff. Mainly 2p slot machines, sandcastles and swimming.

However upon our return our holiday spirit was soon forgotten as my little boy was up all night coughing and grumbling and restless. Things turned worse the next morning with wheezing and laboured breathing. A trip to the local children’s hospital resulted in steroids and inhalers and oxygen masks. We stayed in for 3 long days and nights. We are home now, still on antibiotics, steroids and regular inhalers. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon. I made him these savoury muffins for dinner, fingers crossed they ARE magic healing muffins!


Jelica’s Farewell Log-Cabin Cushion

Today is a sad day. A very dear friend had worked her last shift and is starting a new job in a new place on Monday. We have worked together for nearly eight years and I am going to miss her! I made her this cushion as a leaving present. I was unable to give it to her in person, which is probably a good thing…. I hate goodbyes and was guaranteed to cry (even though I will be seeing her on Saturday)…..she has since told me that she loves it (cushion not crying!) which had made me smile x




Another Veggie-Bed Dug!

Another small dent made on my allotment wilderness. I have dug another veggie bed about one metre square. I think my digging skills have definitely improved since reading this book. I have noticed the soil type is on the clay side, I’m not entirely sure what to do about this yet – any tips? But for good measure I chucked a bag of compost and mixed it in a bit before making the cane frame and planting the runner beans which were sown here. I also put in some sprout and celeriac seedlings given to me by a neighbour. I am probably breaking lots of rules mixing all these veg types together, I promise next year I will do it properly!


We then went to the park and had a lovely time flying our kite


All in all a very nice day had been had!