All Change – with photos

Morning all. I have just added some photos to last nights blog post to help you help me with my dilemma. I should have done this last night but slipped my mind. Please click here to see amended version.

Have a lovely saturday xx


All Change

It’s been a busy few months around here so blog posts have been a little scarce, sorry ’bout that, but I am back and bubbling with ideas and enthusiasm ūüôā

The big new is that I have started a new job, which I completely love.  It was hard decision to leave the old one, but definitely the right one.  I think any sort of change is difficult, for me it is anyway, but the hardest bit was making the decision to go, that and leaving at the end of my last shift.  But, I got through it and now LOVE what I am doing.  There is a life lesson in there somewhere!!

I have another big change to face next week too, my little M is starting school. ¬†I am getting a bit emotional just thinking about it now, I hope I manage to hold it together when I take him on tuesday. ¬†He is definitely ready to school, he has a keen interest in the world around him and continually asks questions about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, although these generally get onto the subject of poo within two or three questions. ¬†Quite a talent really! ¬†Having said all that I am not really sure what I am going to do when he is not around all day. ¬†I have been trying hard to remember what I used to do in my pre-M life, but all I have are a few hazy memories of waking up on the right side of 9 o’clock and choosing grown-up programmes to watch on tv. ¬†Obviously the first one is out of the question, four years is a tad too young for going to school solo, but the latter sounds good! ¬†I think I can probably survive the day without cebeebies ūüôā ¬†We have been busy making a Treasure Box for him to fill with special thing. ¬†He has ¬†to take on his fist day. ¬†It is still work in progress but I think it is pretty good for my anti-anything-to-do-with-crafts little M.



I have a big plan to get myself through the two weeks annual leave that I have taken to get M settled into school.  I am going to turn his bedroom from baby nursery to a cool bedroom that any four year old would be proud of.  This is likely to involve the mandatory superhero-dinosaur-pirate theme that every little boy loved for at least 30 minutes every day.  But I need ideas, google is not helping me.  Have you seen anything that may help me??

I will need fabric to make a blackout blind that actually works, I was thinking of sticking little circles of velcro strategically around the window frame to secure it, with hopefully no gap for light to wake him, and therefore me, at 530 in the morning. ¬† ¬†Will this work?? ¬†The biggest conundrum at the moment is which bed to get him?? ¬†It definitely needs to be a proper single bed, then I can get in it when he decides to take over my bed. ¬†How such a little person fills up a double bed never ceases to amaze me! ¬†I am thinking storage so would like a bed with draws underneath, M on the other hand would like a den. ¬†I am toying with this bed from The Childrens Bed Centres, but they have no reviews other than on their own website, and you can’t go and see their beds in a shop as far as I am aware. ¬†I always spend a lot of time reading reviews before I make big purchases, so this makes me a little nervous. ¬†But the reviews they have got seem positive, but then they wouldn’t put a bad review on their own website would they?? ¬†Advice appreciated!!

Images taken for The Childrens Bed Centre. Clicking on the images will take you through to their website.

So the big question is practical storage or exciting den?? which would you choose??