Birthday Thoughts – Quilts, Sewing and Critters

It is my proper birthday and my blog birthday this week or thereabouts. It has been a whole year since I introduced these guys to the world…





I enrolled on a two day quilting course last year and have now caught the quilting bug (and a severe blog reading addiction!)…







And my latest Ta Daaaaa, which hasn’t even been blogged yet (my little one is growing up too!)



I have learned a huge amount from other bloggers and have made some blog-friends along the way too!!

A few weeks ago I turned this ….


…into this!


(Another Ta Daaaa moment!)

There have been ups and downs in both my virtual world and real life, but what a year I have had. A lovely thing about blogging is that it leaves a snapshot of the nice things that have happened. I created this blog with the intention of recording my creations and developing my style. I have certainly done that!! Never in a million years did I think that anyone would read it! Thankyou to each and every one of you who stumbles upon my blog, thanks even more for choosing to follow* my Little Red Monkey escapades. You have helped and encouraged me more than you can ever know 🙂

(*via a blog reader, facebook or twitter – its my bithday, I am allowing myself a plug!)


Hexagon Crazy

The thing with the Internet is that one thing leads to another to another to another. I look at many blogs, click on many links and when I try to get there again I can never retrace my steps. I have taken inspiration and guidance from these many virtual journeys to arrive at my next project……

My hexagon craze



I printed some one inch hexagons onto thick cartridge paper, cut them out and folded scraps of material over them, securing with some hand stitches on the back. I then sewed then together, right sides together. When all six sides of a hexagon are attached I remove the paper. Here is what the back looks like…


I am not completely sure how it will turn out, but you never know if you don’t try!
Any advice or tips greatly appreciated. Not sure if I should leave the stitches on the back once paper is removed. Any thoughts?

Hand-Stitched Felt Rabbit

I love this rabbit! I was so convinced that it would look awful that I nearly didn’t finish it and threw it to the back of the “in process but got distracted doing something else” pile. But eventually I did finish it, shamefully not with the care and attention that I should have. It is coping well with all that my toddler throws at it (both metaphorically and literally!), but I wish the seams matched up….. lesson learned.


The next photos I took today, it has had a few months of toddler play (or torture?) to cope with since the top photo, so is looking a little less polished. But I still love