The Festival of Strings – My Entry






My first string-pieced quilt, made for my Mum for Mother’s Day. It matches her newly decorated bedroom perfectly! It was my first attempt at machine stitched binding, a little wobbly in places but I much prefer it to hand stitching binding on, just a little more practice needed. My quilting can best be seen from the back, two rows of stitches around each square set off the pattern perfectly.

I am including this quilt in The Festival of Strings. ¬†A happy coincidence that I chose to make a string quilt at just the right time ūüôā


A Four-Patch Baby Quilt

I was asked to make a baby quilt to be given away as a gift. ¬†Of course I said yes, and then was completely terrified. ¬†To make something for someone else is a very different feeling and process. ¬†There were so many choices that normally I would just get on with without really putting too much thought into…I have this material in my stash so I will use it……if I want shocking pink and orange together thats ok……..a bit wonky but I like it…….you get the idea? ¬†But a commission is different. ¬†I think I over thought it for a while and got a bit scared of it, I couldn’t help wondering if they would they hate it? ¬†Material was selected, and luckily I didn’t have to make that choice or I may still be in the shop now! ¬†And then to the design. ¬†Do what ever will look nice they said. ¬†Oh the possibilities. ¬†I deliberated for a long time. ¬†I nearly went super complicated but in the end my rational side kicked in and I chose a simple four -patch with a border. ¬†I think it looks lovely and the person who I made it for does too. ¬†But the test will be today when she delivered it to its new owner this afternoon. ¬†If someone gave me a similar gift I would be over the moon, lets hope they are too.

A Pretty Memory and Keepsake Book

I made this memory and keepsake book as a birthday gift.  The idea is to fill the paper folds and pockets with photos, tickets, letters etc, kind of like a scrapbook.  It then neatly fastens with the ribbon to keep all your treasured memories safe.  I love working with paper so this was the ideal project to spend an evening on.  It was quite simple to make, just simple origami folding.  The hardest part was glueing it all together without getting air bubbles!

A Crocheted Granny Square Cushion

I made this cushion as a present for my mum for mothers day last month. The squares were made individually and then sewn together to make the front piece…



And the back was made by making one square for the middle and then continuing to work around in puff stitch (I think), alternating the colours until it was the correct size….



I then sewed the two sides together with the cushion pad inside. I closed one edge with a contrasting colour so it will be easy to cut open should it need washing, it is unnoticeable unless you are looking for it so I think this works quite well.