Easy DIY Christmas Card Idea Perfect for Kids

Impress your family and friends (and save cash) with homemade Christmas cards from your little ones.  Yep I know this may be a little late for some of you super organised folks, but it is easily adaptable to birthday, thank you or any other card you wish to send.

You will need:

Blank cards – I bought mine from The Works

Craft knife/scissors


Paint – normal kids paint that is supposed to wash out and never does

Sponge, brushes

Glitter glue/paint etc etc


In a nutshell, draw your design onto a spare card and cut it out.  Keep the design simple, especially if you have little ones helping.  My design has three colours which needed 3 separate templates (see below).  Paint, decorate, write, post.

IMG_1738 IMG_1741 IMG_1744 IMG_1746 IMG_1747 IMG_1749 IMG_1752 IMG_1756

It is a really simple idea but very effective. The perfect way to spend a few hours with you family 🙂 Now I just need to get them written and posted!


Christmas Stockings, Gift Bags and Crochet – A Little Behind Schedule

The thing with christmas is it sneaks up on you. Well that it how I am justifying to myself that fact that I have not even done and made half the things I planned too. Either that or I must be the most unorganised person ever (most likely!). There are a few reasons why I seem to have run out of time though. A fabulous long weekend in london with my family seemed to take up a whole week (time warp maybe?), we went to the theatre to see Mama Mia, did sight-seeing and shopping. All great fun but very expensive – how do people afford to live in London? We have also spend time visiting family in Bristol, and managed to squeeze in a trip to @Bristol, a hands-on science museum which my little boy adored. I thought it was pretty good too though, especially as we were able to make our own stop- motion animations using lego men etc. I can see why they have “adult only” evenings, fighting with a 3 1/2 yr old over who gets to press the camera button is not a good look (this was obviously with my own child and not someone else’s)!

Now I am playing catch-up in a race against time (and night shifts……at christmas I know! If anyone is ever thinking of becoming a nurse please take this into consideration!). I have finished my little boy’s quilt, I will try and get some photo’s taken when the sun comes out! I am not completely happy with it, I don’t think I will use the sandwich method again, but you live and learn.

I finished a quilted christmas stocking last night, I am very pleased with it. I used this brill tutorial by Fabricworm which I thoroughly recommend. It is just the right size for a stocking I think, I can fit a few little surprises in there for him 🙂




And I also made a little gift bag for a tiny but very special gift for a friend. Again using a great tutorial.



But the thing with blog-reading is I alway seem to get distracted……….This is amazing…..I wonder if I have time to do it?

Project Christmas has Begun….

Hello…..yes I am still here! I have taken a bit of an unplanned break from blogging, mainly because I haven’t done much “making” of late for one reason, then another, and then another. But I have been doing a lot of blog reading, thinking and planning ready for project christmas. Number one on the list is a quillow for my little boy. For those that have never heard of this before (which was me up until a few weeks ago), it is a quilt which can be folded up into a cushion/pillow. I am following a tutorial posted by A Cuppa and a Catch Up with a little bit of modification, mainly the cushion pouch on the back rather that the front, and so far it is going to plan, although any thoughts would be appreciated. I have pieced together the top as above, I am going for the “suit all ages” look, with the hope that he will grow up loving and using it for many years to come. I also have the material to make a stocking for him for christmas day, an advent calender panel to do and some christmas decorations to sew. Oh, and a free motion embroidery class in a few weeks to attend and the harrogate quilt festival if I can talk my mum into coming with me (Hi mum)…….must crack on with all this!