My first venture into pockets, zips, interfacing and velcro

I seem to have done a lot more blog reading than blog writing of late. I am finding it increasingly difficult to take nice pictures on my phone in this dark gloomy winter that we are having here in the UK, and I think this may be a big reason why. hopefully to be remedied soon by a snazzy new camera for my birthday next month. However, I have done a fair bit of making, and I seem to keep adding to my *work in progress* list. I am also collecting a fairly substantial list of questions to ask you all about various things, I don’t have many crafty friends you see. Of course I have now put myself under pressure and forgotten them all! I will add them on the end when I remember them!

And so onto the project…

My little boy received a Leappad 2 for christmas, For those who aren’t familiar with the toddler world think little ipad with educational games and no internet access. He needed a case to keep it safe, and somewhere to store the little game cartridges. I based it on this tutorial by pink stiches, with a few modifications here and there.




I am very pleased with it and it works brilliantly. Yes it is a bit wonky, and I would have preferred the zip to open the other way. But you live and learn. And as the post title suggests, it was the first time I have lengthened and sewn in a zipper, and used interfacing, and made a pocket. All in all a good days work. And I have nearly forgotten that it took be EIGHT attempts to get that zip in!


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