An Elf-Whisperer Has Sent Me A Letter!

Some of you may know Ziggy Shortcrust, if you don’t then you really should.  Ziggy Shortcrust is an elf-whisperer. And she has a campervan. And she works in a children’s book museum.  And she is THE most amazing illustrator.  Nope, I am not in the least bit envious!

Ziggy has set herself a mammoth task.  She is singlehandedly reviving the art of the hand-written letter by sending a hand written and illustrated letter every day for the next year!!!  And guess what the postman brought me………………


Only a freaking hand written and illustrated letter!  Just for me!  It is breathtakingly beautiful! My elf sews. She is pretty lovely I am sure you will agree!  If you would like to help Ziggy in her quest all the information can be found here , and please check out her blog, she is such a talent!

Now, I am not much of a letter writer.  My handwriting is not the beautiful script that I would choose.  But I like to sew.  And I have been doing some secret sewing over this weekend.  So a little parcel will soon be on its way to an elf-whisperer I know……


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