A Traveling Sewing Book

My sewing paraphernalia is strewn around the house, usually in a small tin ( I do have a bit of a weakness for nice tins!) and containing a tangle of scissors, cotton, pins and needles. This is my “main” tin….


I am sure you will agree its a complete mess. So in an attempt to give some organisation to my sewing kit I made this needle/sewing kit.






I added the flaps to hopefully stop things sliding out of the pockets, and this seems to be working ok so far. I filled the front pocket with some paper hexagons and fabric this morning and have carried it around with me all day. In my fantasy world the little ‘un would have played happily next to me in the park while I did a little sewing. In reality I am that mum sprinting after her toddler shouting such things as ” if you don’t stop right now there will be no peppa pig tonight!”. You can probably guess that I didn’t get any sewing done today, but my sewing kit held up well. Not one thing fell out!

I am linking in with Handmade Monday at Handmade Harbour why don’t you too?


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