Appliqué – My First Attempt


My first attempt at an appliqué block. I am pretty pleased with it. The stitching took forever, but once I got the hang of it I did speed up a little. My (YouTube) research lead me to do this…….


(It looks pretty don’t you think?)

Using paper underneath the fabric to help it move, thus keeping the stitches even. I quote “…you can buy stabiliser paper but ordinary paper will work just fine…” All was well until I tried to remove it. Let me tell you this did not happen in the video…


It is going to take me forever to get it all out. So is it the paper? The stitch? Or just a bad idea? I would appreciate you help here. It all looked so simple on the video 😦

Its another block to add to my experimental quilt/sewing machine cover, it’s going to look lovely!


9 thoughts on “Appliqué – My First Attempt

  1. I use soluble stabiliser on cloth nappies and the sturdier stabiliser for embroidery as it sits on the back it’s not detrimental if I can’t get it out. The soluble is ideal as most of my customers like to see they are the first to wash the nappies this proving they haven’t been worn. The soluble stabiliser isn’t as GOOD as the normal embroidery paper based one, but it washes out which saves a lot of faff!

  2. I don’t think this is unusual. I applique a lot and I DO use stabilizer paper . Generally, I pick out what seems reasonable and let the rest wash out. I’m not quilting though and if that’s what you’re doing here, you might want to be more precise about getting the pieces all out. I agree that a spray of water should help.

    Other things I like:

    1. an applique/embroidery foot so that I can see where I’m headed.
    2. heat ‘n bond — it makes the applique piece into a large sticker so that it doesn’t shift when you sew
    3. tiny applique pins so that if I’m not using heat ‘n bond, I can pin my applique in place and not stab myself as I turn and sew the piece.

    • Thanks for the advice 🙂 I have appliquéd another block, this time without any paper underneath and I think it went just smoothly. Yet to try it on thinner fabric though. I used a a zigzag foot which is clear in the front and it did help enormously, much easier than guessing what is underneath the presser foot!

  3. I wonder if tissue paper would work better… I feel like the instructions should have warned you about the paper–I think most papers would get stuck under the stitching like that.
    But this is super impressive–especially since it’s your first try!

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