Beautiful Butterfly Quilt

I have finished my second commissioned quilt and I love it. I think the colours work well together. It is for a baby girl, and I was asked not to make it too “pink”. I found this a bit of a challenge but I think I pulled it off.




and here is the backing, it is a lovely liberty-like pattern which is my new favourite backing material. Ooooh and the first ever view of my new labels!


And finally all tied up and ready for delivery….



I am still getting to grips with how different it is making something for someone else – choices are much more difficult, but I felt more relaxed making this one than my first commission. I love the feeling of finishing a project, it means I can get on with the next one…….

As it is Monday I am linking in with Handmade Harbour’s Handmade Monday, why don’t you too?


19 thoughts on “Beautiful Butterfly Quilt

  1. I think that is so pretty, and feminine even tho not pink (pink is not a favorite color of mine either). I just love it. And it must really be hard making stuff for others, it would make me a little crazy. 🙂

    • I know what you mean. I am trying to remember that the best gifts are the ones you want to keep, but it will be difficult to part with it. I do feel better now it is all wrapped up and ready for delivery to its new owner though.

  2. Oh, it’s gorgeous! I know what you mean about commissions – the decisions can be difficult! I think you pulled it off though, it’s girly without being too pink. I love how you’ve presented it, too, tied up like a precious parcel!

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