Emily Peacock Tapestry – Kiss

I have enjoyed the Olympics, which is a surprise as I am the most unsporty person you could ever meet. I am settling down to watch the closing ceremony, but I am not that good at sitting without doing, if you know what I mean? So I thought I would get out my own endurance test, my Emily Peacock Tapestry. It was a much wanted Christmas gift which I have neglected of late. It is lovely, but much more of a mental challenge than I thought it would be. Anyway, I got a nice surprise when I dug it out…….


….. I have completed a whole “s”! I do love it – the colours, the font, the fairground-like design. Just another million stitches to go right? Just one stitch at a time……


8 thoughts on “Emily Peacock Tapestry – Kiss

  1. I was doing exactly the same last night. Started the Kiss kit over a year ago, dug it out and haven’t even done the K yet….. still i enjoyed getting back into it again, we may be sometime!

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