My Slightly Wonky Cushion Part 2


I have had a few requests for tutorials for my Slightly Wonky Cushion I didn’t follow one particular tutorial as I have been studying circular pouf’s (sp? You know the things you can put your feet/tea/book on?) for a while. Sew Smug links to an excellent tutorial on constructing this type of cushion, and I am pretty sure Making Magazine had a similar tutorial last month.

So I have been formulating this idea for a while and thought I would have a go at a smaller version first…

I fashioned my cushion by drawing around a big plate, folding into quarters, then thirds to give one segment. Then added a seam allowance either side. This provided the template for my cushion top. I used a piece of string around the edge to get the length needed for a strip of fabric for the edge. And then cut a bottom circle to match the top. I then sewed it all together, stuffed using the innards from a cheap pillow and closed it with a few slip stitches. A hand covered button through the centre finished it off.

If you have a go at this I would advise not making the strip of fabric too wide, it is difficult to get the button through the centre, something I didn’t anticipate. And remember, my cushion is wonky, following a proper tutorial might yield a more even cushion!



5 thoughts on “My Slightly Wonky Cushion Part 2

  1. Hi, I’ve just popped over from HM. It’s a great cushion, it looks really comfy, well done. I wouldn’t have attempted a button but now I’ve read the other comments (on part 1), I need to investigate these long needles they are talking about.


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