My Slightly Wonky Circular Cushion




Here is my first attempt at a circular cushion. It is a bit wonky and the button needs to be bigger but I do like it. It is quite thick, like a hands width, which made sewing the button through both sides a little tricky. I tried it without pulling the button taut but it didn’t look right, that little dimple makes all the difference! I eventually managed to get through to the other side with an extra long needle and a lot of squashing, swearing and pricking of fingers. I think it was worth it but not sure I will use a button next time, maybe a circle of fabric stitched on instead?

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15 thoughts on “My Slightly Wonky Circular Cushion

  1. Did you use a mattress or a dolls needle… they make all the difference when getting through this amount of fabric and cushion… I think it is a brilliant cushion, don’t be so hard on yourself. I would be proud to have made it 🙂

  2. Love the combination of colours 🙂
    It makes me think of the “doll needles” we have in the shop I work in – I keep eyeing them up as they would be ideal for doing a button like that x

  3. I love the fabric you’ve used it’s beautiful. My daughter would run off with your cushion she’s always got her eye on designs like this. I’d say it was worth the fight with needle. Thanks for sharing. Ali x

  4. i love round cushions! this one is gorgeous and the button definitely makes it 🙂

    i agree that a fabric circle could look great on something like this too – i look forward to seeing how your next one turns out! x

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