Hexagon Crazy

The thing with the Internet is that one thing leads to another to another to another. I look at many blogs, click on many links and when I try to get there again I can never retrace my steps. I have taken inspiration and guidance from these many virtual journeys to arrive at my next project……

My hexagon craze



I printed some one inch hexagons onto thick cartridge paper, cut them out and folded scraps of material over them, securing with some hand stitches on the back. I then sewed then together, right sides together. When all six sides of a hexagon are attached I remove the paper. Here is what the back looks like…


I am not completely sure how it will turn out, but you never know if you don’t try!
Any advice or tips greatly appreciated. Not sure if I should leave the stitches on the back once paper is removed. Any thoughts?


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