Yesterday Was A Very Productive Day!

Yesterday was a very rainy day. It was also a day when It was just me and my toddler on our own all day, stuck in our tiny house because of the rain. This usually ends in tears and tantrums for one reason or another. But yesterday went rather well…..

He got himself dressed! Sounds trivial but is a very big achievement!

We made a photo album from a lot of his old baby photos. He really enjoyed this. The photos are a bit wonky but I can (probably) live with this! Plus I expect at any minute I will walk in and find him taking them all back out of the album.

We planted some seeds in some recycled plastic bottles and containers. They fit so much better on the windowsill. Hopefully they will end up on our allotment. I think they look quite pretty…


We made homemade pizza – base included, for tea and he ate it!

He put his toys away the first time I asked! Amazing!!

And I even had time to make 15 blocks for my next quilt!

Who knows what today will bring? I have already caught him “fixing” the TV with his hammer…..


2 thoughts on “Yesterday Was A Very Productive Day!

  1. Aww that’s lovely, I love days like that! I’ve done the same, planted some veg in the hope he might actually eat some!

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