A Quilt Back Reaches The Top!

I made a back for My First Fabulous Quilt using scraps from my blocks and a grey bed sheet. I basically sewed small pieces into squares, cut the squares into quarters, swapped them about a bit and rejoined back into square blocks. I then had a glass or to of wine (not a great idea when your supposed to be concentrating!) and thought that I could go one step further and make pinwheels. So I did a bit more cutting and sewing, decided I preferred them as diamonds, and made the blocks as you see them now. I made it up to the required size using strips of the grey.

When I showed this quilt back to the the teacher of the quilt course, she thought it was too good to use as a back, and recommended that I make it into a quilt, using parallel quilting in the large grey areas. She then informed me that the tool that I thought was some sort of screw driver (there are a lot of tools with my new sewing machine) was in fact an aide to quilting in straight lines! Here are the results…..



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